Project Description

Blancmange by Day, Jelly by Night

Vintage glass jelly moulds (x 30), enamel paint, solar charged LED lights.


Experiments with a variety of collected old glassware threw up the potential for these jelly moulds to become seemingly natural organisms when placed in an outdoor environment. With the use of internal solar charged lights, the moulds changed in lower light levels from pink to glowing red.

At one of the lowest tides of the year in 2015, an installation was set up, timed for the one and a half hour window where access is safely possible in the sea water caves under Fort Redoubt at Freshwater Bay.

  • rocks in a cave with jelly mold sculptures and lights
  • Lights under red jelly molds in a cave
  • People in a cave by the seashore
  • Two jelly moulds looking like sea anemones
  • all red jelly mold sculptures in a sea cave as an art intstallation