Project Description

Cairns installation at The Bunker

‘Building’ installation with Lisa Traxler for ‘Start 18’ Sculpture Network International, The Bunker, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, January 2018.

This installation set out to juxtapose the shared commonalities between the processes, forms and materiality of both ‘sculpture and architecture’, Sculpture Network’s theme for the year ahead.

To begin, we each suggested recent developments that could work as a joint exhibit. As we brought works into the bunker space to experiment, the installation evolved as connections were found between the forms, their mechanisms of display and their part within the volume and re-contextualised space.

The Cairns

Two recently developed Cairn works were put forward for their primal constructive references and also for their status as remains of battles lost between the built environment and the natural elements. A third one, mounted to the bunker wall was assembled working with sea-worn bricks from fallen war defence lookouts.

Featuring a range of specimen ‘rocks’ – tarmac, cement and brick – worn smooth by the sea and starting to resemble natural geology. Assembled with a range of modern-day filing trays. The resulting variations on the traditional cairn form stemming from an observational interest in the process of selecting, filtering and stacking as an instinctive human sculptural response of material and form. Updated physical markers of objects marked.

In relation to architecture, and this installation, the assisted structure of the shelves, could also be seen to reference the constructed floors of ever-ascending towers.

More on the Sculpture Network Start ’18 day.

  • Cairn made using sea-worn bricks and metal filing trays
  • Cairn sculpture made using sea-worn cement and wire filing trays
  • Cairn sculpture of sea-worn tarmac stones and perspex acrylic letter trays