Project Description

Five Vanes

Marine grade stainless steel, various finishes.

Each vane 100cm x 90cm.


This is work developing on from existing weather-reactive works in the home-studio garden.

The vanes were constructed initially as heavy card prototypes tested in situ to adjust and respond to the particular vagaries of air movement in this garden – an open space with direction and strength deflectors such as the fencing and trees. They are set within one of the garden’s grass circles which is allowed to grow long throughout the summer.

A project also devised to put newly acquired welding skills and kit to use on a permanent work. The task also required devising a technique to securely set the group in the ground, but be removable for Autumn grass cutting.

As per weather vanes they all turn facing into the wind in a stronger breeze. In lighter breezes, they each react to air movements with surprising variety within the group. The surface finishes vary from satin brushed to mirror polished with white matt vinyl film discs.

  • vane sculpture detail 1
  • vane sculpture detail 2
  • vane sculpture detail 3