Project Description


Solid concrete cast-encasing various found clear, cast glass lids.


These have been made for installing inside the cottage at Ever. They have been made partly in response to the (inappropriate but interesting) use of concrete in the building’s more recent past. The glassware, a relic of domestic, essentially female home-making, from times when decorative cast glass was mass-produced as an affordable alternative to cut glass. These also follow on from an earlier interest (Trap and Release) in using cast concrete to entrap and hold a dialogue between another material or element. 

A long held couple of glass lids, found over time donated to charity locally, combined with one found in a cupboard at the cottage are now sealed and encased in a solid mix of sand and cement. The forms that took the liquid pour were everyday studio mixing buckets.

The next stage will be to take them over there and experiment with where they could be installed. Are they kitchen? Are they drawing room? Are they boudoir?

  • Lid-locked sculpture looking like it is being picked up by a hand from above
  • Another lid-lock sculpture being put into shot with a kitchen towel between two hands
  • Close up detail of the top showing the glass lid encased in the solid concrete