Project Description

Soft Installs

After securing Ever in May 2018, a range of temporary installs were made with previously accumulated soft materials – natural and man-made – in-situ in the two upstairs bedrooms, and outside utilising the exterior washing line poles, for the July 2018 open days prior to closing to start renovations.

Although prepared in a relatively short timeframe and in place briefly, the installs functioned as initial practice dialogues between materials and spaces, things and people.

Images (white related):

  1. 1930s net curtain affixed to existing tassel-trim wall light
  2. Install view of room with fruit cage netting and small bulldog clips to ceiling, duvet and fishing line to original sprung bed base, various (non-clothing related) materials on hangers in existing ‘wardrobe’ niche.
  3. Another view of room with fruit cage netting and small bulldog clips above sprung bed (lightbox in corner).
  4. Detail view of materials on hangers in wardrobe niche – packaging sheet-foam (blanket stitched), synthetic stretch mesh, felt, large-bubble bubble wrap.
  • Net curtain fastened around an old light fitting
  • installation view of cottage bedroom corner showing bed springs and hanging materials
  • Detail of white materials on hangers

Images (black related):

  1. Install view of room with another wardrobe niche, existing serpentine chest of drawers (added castors), shelf arrangement with garden bird netting and poly foam block, three legged table with small-bubble bubble wrap, velvet and photographic glass plate.
  2. Detail of shelf arrangement with alabaster 1930s carved head of girl, with sewing needles in eyes aimed at synthetic foam block, garden bird netting.
  3. Three-legged table view with small-bubble bubble wrap, velvet and photographic glass plate negative
  4. Detail of plate (Ambrotype) – my photograph of my hand on photographed on bubble-wrap made using the Wet Plate Collodion process, 2010).
  5. Install view of room with (in foreground) assembly of lamp shade wireframe and glass dropper, string net curtain, hanging over a convex mirror affixed to a three-legged table. Raised and lowered via blocks and sash cord leading out of the window to exterior ground floor pulley.
  6. Detail of second existing chest of drawers with 1920s mannequin hand in fishnet style tights and garden bird netting.

For more images and information see Ever’s¬†page.

  • Installation of artowork and sculpture in cottage corner room
  • Close up of carved woman's head with needles in eyes
  • Small table with photographic plate on top of hand
  • Detail of glass plate showing artist's hand lying on bubble wrap
  • Installation of string curtain and glass dropper hanging over a mirror
  • Dummy hand inside black fishnet tights